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Parallel Curriculum Units for Science, Grades 6-12


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Based on the best-selling book The Parallel Curriculum, this professional development resource gives multifaceted examples of rigorous learning opportunities for secondary science students. The eight sample units revolve around genetics, the convergence of science and society, the integration of English and biology, and the periodic table.

The authors provide user-friendly methods for creating more thoughtful lessons and show how to differentiate them for the benefit of all students. Included are field-tested and standards-based strategies that guide students through:

– Exploring the nature of knowledge

– Discovering connections between science and other subjects

– Deepening science understanding according to their interests and abilities

– Connecting science learning to society through the study of genetics, historic events, literature, and chemistry.

Each unit includes subject matter background, a content framework, study components, teacher reflection activities, and sample lessons. Also available are online content tools such as handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and research activities. Breathe new life into science learning with this powerful guidebook written by master educators.


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